Italian carnivals all around the country

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Carnival is about to start, and a part from the most famous events related to is, such as the Venice and the Viareggio parades, there are other cities and town which celebrate it.

Let’s find out when and where you can participate to an Italian carnival, having fun.


Fano, Marche Region- February 16, 23, March 2, 2014

It is considered the oldest carnival in Italy, second only to the Ivrea one. You will be able to enjoy allegorical float, having both masks and masquerades around, masquerades. At night there will be fireworks and shows, all supported by the traditional Arabita music which is played not only with instruments but also with various other objects. Kids really like it, and they have fun while parents can taste both food and wine.


Arco in Lake Garda, Trentino- 21,23 February 21 and 23,  March 1 and 2, 2014

The keyword of this carnival are colors, music, merriment and music. The event, in fact, is not only related to children, but also to adults who take parts to some of the rites which are associated with local fairs, food festivals and so on. During this carnival, there is the traditional parade having allegorical floats going around to the town. There are also balls which you can’t skip, since guests dress in costumes from the Hapsburg period. They are held in the Casino, so be sure to take part to them.


Muggia- Trieste- 5 March 5, 2014

Muggia is a small town near Trieste, and its carnival is one of the most famous in the Friuli region. Not only allegorical floats, but also balls, parades, masks and dance. These are the ingredient of the event, in which the local bands play all day long in order to entertain guests. There is also food, of course, and the specialty of this carnival is fish.