Caffè Saluzzo: more than just a simple bar

If you ever go to visit Saluzzo, a small medieval town 55 km from Turin, you have to go to have a coffee or lunch or the happy hour at the Caffè Saluzzo. It is a very nice bar right in the center, in front of the hospital and near the Dome, in the pedestrian area.

The nice staff welcomes you in a very friendly way, suggesting you what you could try, according to when you go.

For example, for breakfast, you can have chocolate, cream or jam croissants, enjoying an espresso, a cappuccino, a coffee or an orange juice. If you prefer salt food, of course you can ask for a toast, a sandwich or a piadina. Piadina is one of their specialties, and you can choose between a wide selection of sliced cold pork meats, such as salami, speck, ham, etc. and cheese. The speck and brie piadina or crudo and gorgonzola one are the best one and you will definitely be full after finished it.

At lunch time, again, you can ask for a sandwhich, or you can choose the menu of the day, according to what you want to have. Appetizers, first course, second course with vegetables, cheese, desserts.

During the happy-hour time, called aperitivo in Italian, you will have some snacks coming with your drinks, that you can enjoy, during summer, in the small dehor outside.

Prices are cheap and the quality of the food is satisfying and fresh. Even the bread is always soft, making clients appreciate how the owners care about them. As the fact that there is the free wi-fi service and the coffee card to be punched. Once it is completed, you can have your free coffee before getting ready to start the new one!

Ladies will definitely love the bathroom, because of the ornaments studied in a strategic way.

Caffè Saluzzo
Via Spielberg 77
12037 Saluzzo (CN)