Discovering Saluzzo

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Even if it is a small medieval town, Saluzzo has so much to offer to tourists. Here there are the most important monuments, buildings and churches, which capture the attention of everyone, since they have a long and interesting history to tell.

The Castiglia, for example, is the imposing castle that overlooks the 14th century historical center, which is featured with cobbled alleys, steep flight of steps, churches and stately houses.

At the top of the Salita al Castello street (ascent to the castle), which once used to be the center of both social and economic life, there is the so-called Drancia fountain, built in 1763. On the corner of the castle, then, you can admire the Marquises’ lower mansion, built in the 14th century, which faces the palace of Liberar Arts, built at the end of the 15th century.

Nearby there are the old Town Hall and the civic tower, which is 48 meters high and it is definitely the best viewpoint over the town.

At the end of the street you can find the Della Chiesa d’Isasca palace, having an elegant façade which dates back to the 18th century, and the so-called “della Zecca” palace, which is embellished by some 15th century terracotta decorations.

After descending towards the Belvedere, you arrive to the austere façade of San Giovanni’s church, which houses some wonderful art treasures and where you can see the marquises’ burial chapter in the apse. It is a masterpiece of flamboyant Gothic style, built around the second half of the 15th century.

Going along San Giovanni street you reach Casa Cavassa, a building that once was used by the deputy marquises’ as a mansion and nowadays is a municipal museum opened to the public.

In the nearby you can find the Town Hall, designed in 1726 as Jesuit boarding school by the architect Francesco Gallo.