Events in Turin during summer

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Turin during summer is lovely: lots of light, monuments open and several music festivals. One in particular is the most excited one, the so-called MTV Days.

For 3-4 days the city is all around the center, especially to Piazza Castello, where there is a stage hosting the several singers who will perform during the show.

They are especially young singers, especially the one most loved by teenagers, who can’t wait to meet them, take a picture with them and maybe have the chance to have an autograph.

It is a very nice moment to enjoy during summer, since it always hold in June, and the weather is pretty good and warm.

There are also several meetings organized at the university, according to the topic and the class courses. It is a very interesting way to see the artists not only as singers, but also as real people, having a specific idea on specific subjects.

The official program is usually posted on the website, in order to let everyone know how is going to peform and when. It is definitely easy, so you can organize yourself and be there when you want to see and hear a specific singer.

Most of the time, in fact, people, especially tourists, don’t know about this and they stay hours in the square, always ready to see if next turn is going to be their singer. Keep an eye on them and do not forget to take pictures!

All the shops are opened until late, so you can also have the chance to go shopping or taste a delicious ice cream while looking at the windowshops all around. Summer is crazy, we all know, especially after this rain, but do not miss the chance to buy a lovely and colorful bathing suit, in order to be amazing on vacation.