Gastronomy of the italian “riviera”

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riviera ligureThe Riviera sun and the hilly terrain produce some real masterpieces of both taste and fragrance.

Have you ever tried the dry and delicate Rossese of Dolceacqua, which is a DOC wine with a slightly ruby red colour that goes well with all the dishes? You definitely have to taste it.

The Riviera is also the right place where you can find the aromatic herbs that grow wildly throughtout the year: thyme, parsley, laurel, oregano and basil. These are basically the secret of the elaborate and flavorful cuisine of the area.

Most of the unique dishes, such as the Barbajuai of Apricale, which is a delicious pancake of ricotta cheese and herbs mixed with rice and pumpkin, or the goat pouch stuffed with herbs, are made with these ingredients.

Moreover, you will fall in love with the Cundijun of Bordighera Alta, which is a great mixed salad that includes croutons spread with garlic along with fresh leaves of oregano, thyme and basil to enhance the several different ingredients. Then it will all be smothered in extra olive oil.

A touch of paradise in your mouth, since you will also be able to taste the real homemade pesto or the other sauces that are produced in the old-fashionated way.

Are you ready to get at least 1 kg in order to try everything? You should, since it is basically mandatory to be fully immersed also in the lovely cuisine of the Riviera, in order to be able to learn something new and interesting while you are on vacation. It is right, isn’t it?

Try to go to some restaurants where you can eat something different that just pizza, in order to choose a real Ligurian dish and check how much you like it. You will see that everything will be delicious, lovelable and simply perfect.