Il Barone, a great restaurant in Florence

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il barone

Once you are in Florence, if during the tour you happen to be near the Porta Romana area, go to eat either lunch or dinner at the restaurant called “Il Barone”.

The food, which is typically Tuscan, is fresh and delicious, and the chef always wants to spoil his guests, impressing him with some great decorations, especially on desserts.

If you are in hurry during lunch time and are looking for a cheap and quick place, this is the right spot for you: the service is very good, waiters are fast and you can simply order a place of vegetables for just 3 euros.

For the same price you can also order the so-called ribollita, the very famous Tuscan soup made by vegetables, such as cannellini beans, zucchini, potatoes, olive oil and stale bread.

Taste it for a very cheap price, and try to ask the recipe to the waiters, so you will be able to cook it yourself once you are back home. You will impress your friends letting them taste a traditional Italian dish, which is usually eat during winter, when the weather is so cold and you need to eat something warm.

If you prefer going there at night, drink an explosive aperitivo in the lounge bar, having the red lights creating and very cool and warm atmosphere. A not ordinary way to spend a great evening or night with friends, chilling out in one of the best Italian cities.

Just keep in mind that the restaurant is closed on Monday, so do not plan any date there, since you will find it close. And remember to book if you are a big group of people, in order to be sure to find all the seats you need.

Il barone di Porta Romana
via Romana 123 Rosso,
50100 Florence, Italy
Tel. (+39) 055-2335132