The best places where to have breakfast in Turin- part 1

Welcome to Turin. We hope you are having a very nice staying. Even if the hotel you booked has breakfast included, we would like to offer you a small guide about the best places where you can have a very good breakfast.

In order not to make these posts too long, every two weeks we will choose 2 places for you. Enjoy!

1- RICREAZIONE (Via Bruno Buozzi, 3. (+39) 011-5537463 )

Located in the city center, this bar opens at 8 am in order to offer you the American breakfast. Cereal, pancakes, fruit, bread baskets with butter and jam: you can find whatever you like. On Sundays you can have brunch at a fixed price and there is a wide variety of food. If you prefer going there for lunch, you can choose between hot and cold dishes, according to both the season and your taste. If you are in the neighborhood in the afternoon, you can enjoy a snack time by choosing between several sweets and pastries and, if you like hot tea, this is definitely the place for you, since the menu offers 40 different types of tea! And of course you can enjoy an happy hour with friends and drink cocktails while picking some food at the buffet.


2- ONE APPLE CONCEPT BAR & RESTAURANT (Via Lovera di Maria 1. (+39) 011- 19719445

The One Apple Concept Bar & Restaurant is a unique place built by the Italian architect Fulvio Fantolino who worked with the top manager Daniele Conte in order to create a new avant-garde bar in the downtown area of Turin. The interior design is very cool, rendering the local very particular, young, fresh and even sophisticated. You can see it from the Moroso furnitures, the Devon&Devon bathrooms, and the outdoor decorations by Borella Design. Very well known is the sushi offered by Sosushi, which is
accompanied by the exclusive wine from LVMH. Add some music, a free wi-fi zone, and the chance to use iPad and iMac to check your e-mail or find out some other places in the area.