What tourists have to know before coming to Italy-part 2

Here there is the second part of the article which has to become your  travel Bible to be used before coming to Italy, in order to be ready.

Read it, learn it, then come to visit me and we will have a total blast, believe me!

6. You always need to carry your I.D. card with you, even if you go to supermarket. If you buy alcoholics, and they think you look too young, they ask you for the I.D. Passport is fine, if it is the only document you have. If you can’t show any I.D.’s, you would not be able to buy them.

7. If you have a student card (both national and international), show it every time you go to the movies or to museums! At movies, you can get 2 euros off or pay only 3.50 euros for one ticket. As far it concerns the museums, the discount depends according to the place: sometimes it can be only 0.50 cents off, sometimes 1.50 euros or more.

8. Cell phones here are really cheap. We don’t have pre-paid ones, we just buy a cell phone with a 5-euro airtime included and that’s it. No contract, no sign up fees to buy the cell phone, even if it is a smartphone or an I-phone. Of course if you can’t all the amount together and you ask for a loan, then things are different, since you have to sign a regular contract.

As far as it concerns the SIM, you can choose between the pay-as-you-go formula or the contracts, which charges you monthly directly from your credit card.

You can also choose between different companies, choosing the one that satisfies your needs. You can have calls for just 1 cent/min and text messages for 0.15 cents. You can always reload your charge card at any corner store.

9. International pre-paid cards to use at public phone are so expensive, don’t buy them!