How to make a real Italian bruschetta

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If during your vacation in Italy you literally fet in love with the so-called bruschetta, here there is the recipe to make your own grilled bread.

First thing to know is that there is not only the very famous bruschetta al pomodoro, the one with tomatoes, but you can choose the topping you like the most and create your own one in just a couple of minute.

Grill the breat in the oven for about 3-4 minutes, then spread garlic on it, and put inside again for other 3 minutes. The base is now read and you can work on what you want put on the top.

Vegetables, meat and cheese are the most used elements Italians tend to use the most, considering the speck e briè or gorgonzola e speck or prosciutto e formaggio, ham with several cheeses. Those are just some of the varieties you can make, since once the bread is cooked you can think about cutting and cooking some tomatoes, like if you were preparing the pasta souce. Or you can use olives and feta, the Greek cheese, simply broiling them in the oven for a few minutes.

What about some meat balls? Cook them normally, then cut the balls in 2, and add them to the bruschetta, after having put some tomato souce on the top. Add some extra garlic, herbs and half teaspoon of oil and enjoy it.

Show your friends how great you are in making a traditional Italian food which is usually served as happy hour or appetizer, while drinking a cold glass of wine, both red and white. You will appear so creative and they will envy you, asking the recipe in order to copy it very soon.

And remember, most of the Italian recipes are the easiest one ever. Buon appetito!