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The best places to take vacations and enjoy good food and wine

The Antica Enoteca del Borgo in Turin

antica-enoteca-del-borgoIf you are in Turin for a vacation or for a business meeting, be sure to find sometime to go to one of the best winery bars in the city.

Located in the heart of the first Italian capital, near the Piazza Vittorio, one of the biggest square in Europe, the Antica Enoteca del Borgo offers you both Italian and Piedmontese prestigious wine labels, not to mention the French ones.

The place is very well known in the city, especially because you can enjoy a great aperitivo (happy hour in Italian) on the street while keeping an eye on the Gran Madre, the big church there.

Gelateria Silvano: it’s more than ice-cream

In Turin, not to far from the metro station Carducci (near the Molinette hospital) there is the historic gelateria (ice-cream shop) Silvano.

As the name suggests, the place was opened and run by Silvano in 1960, even if now the owners are other people, Alessandra Girardello and Enrico Senatore.

Even if there has been this change, the common things about these owners is that they all want to propose the classical fresh and genuine ice cream made in Piedmont.

Toasteria Mi Casa: it’s more than just a toast!

If you are in Milan, don’t miss the chance to go to eat at the Toasteria Mi Casa. You will fall in love not only with the food but also with the place.

Very warm, yellow colored and full of toasts, this place is located in via Matteo Maria Boiardo, between via Monza and via Padova, and you can reach it by underground, with the Red Turro line.

As the name suggest, in this place you can eat and taste toasts, choosing the ones you prefer the most. What are your favorite toppings? Bacon, almonds, saffron cream, sun-dried tomatoes or parmesan emulsion! All of them are really tasty and cheap. Make your own toast choosing by the different ones the place offers you. All the names are written on some little cute blackboards, letting you choose according to the ingredients.