How to make a real Italian bruschetta

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If during your vacation in Italy you literally fet in love with the so-called bruschetta, here there is the recipe to make your own grilled bread.

First thing to know is that there is not only the very famous bruschetta al pomodoro, the one with tomatoes, but you can choose the topping you like the most and create your own one in just a couple of minute.

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Events in Turin during summer

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Turin during summer is lovely: lots of light, monuments open and several music festivals. One in particular is the most excited one, the so-called MTV Days.

For 3-4 days the city is all around the center, especially to Piazza Castello, where there is a stage hosting the several singers who will perform during the show.

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Il Barone, a great restaurant in Florence

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il barone

Once you are in Florence, if during the tour you happen to be near the Porta Romana area, go to eat either lunch or dinner at the restaurant called “Il Barone”.

The food, which is typically Tuscan, is fresh and delicious, and the chef always wants to spoil his guests, impressing him with some great decorations, especially on desserts.

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What tourists have to know before coming to Italy-part 1

Here it is an article which has to become your  travel Bible to be used before coming to Italy, in order to be ready.

Read it, learn it, then come to visit me and we will have a total blast, believe me!

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