Guide for travel in Italy

Traveling in Italy is a delight, a holiday in this beautiful country must be done at least once in life, natural beauties are added to the impressive number of monuments and works of art that you can visit in each city. Here it is easy to make a relaxing holiday combined with a holiday for cultural enrichment, visiting one of the many museums found in Italian art cities.

The tourists who visit Italy, often not aware of what are the most beautiful and full of things to see, where are the best museums and the best works of art, often do not even know how to get in these cities and if it using the plane, or train, or if you must arrive by car. This comes our guide for this and that is to offer reviews of the various types of trips you can do to visit Italy, where the paths we will explain what to visit in different cities, how to get there easily, eat and sleep.

travel reviews italy

We also advise the best times and the best seasons to visit the various Italian locations, whether they are located in northern Italy that central or southern Italy or the islands. Every area of the country offers special attractions to the north are the most beautiful mountains in Europe to be discovered, the Alps, the Dolomites, ideal places for walking and winter sports, but also cities like Venice.

In central Italy are wonderful hills and cities like Florence, Lucca, Siena, Rome and Southern Italy beautiful coastline with a very nice beach, good food to taste and testimony of the civilization that once dominated these areas.

These pages also provide hotel reviews and also reviews of the best cities and best routes to go for trips in Italy, to help tourists to visit the country also saving time and money, exploiting the last minute and moments of cheaper.

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